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The menu provides views of the Escort pages with the following options:

  • In groups of thumbnails with 10 escorts at a time.

  • A complete listing of all 50 escorts.

Clicking on any of these options will provide you with thumbnail pictures of the escorts. Clicking on the escort thumbnails will guide you to their individual pages. These pages contain their picture portfolio and a comprehensive profile to assist you in making your choice.



  • This site provides pictures and profile information as supplied by independent escorts.  Escorts-Argentina & Escortsbaires in no way imply that they are agents for the ladies represented here.

  • This site is provided for the express purpose of the publication of information provided by the escorts pictured here in Escorts-Argentina & Escortsbaires.  We represent that the information and pictures contained on these sites are actual and true to the best of our knowledge.

  • We have got our own Photographic Study managed by ourselves to offer to all the escort girls, a free and complete set of pictures and this way them to have the opportunity to maintain updated their images. Some girls provide us pictures obtained with other photographers because they prefer them and they are in all their right of conforming their advertising as escort in the best way that they consider. When this happens, we add a legend in each picture that says "foto provista por la anunciante" (picture provided by the advertiser) so that this way it is known that that picture can also be legally on in another website. In no way that legend in the picture supposes that the picture is not real, only that sentence explain that the picture can be showed legally, in any other website.

  • The typical meeting refers to a one and a half hour intimate date

  • We do not use false photographs of ladies or stock photos on this site.

  • In providing this confirmation, it is hoped that you may make your selection from this site with the knowledge that what you see is what you get. 

  • This service is provided at no cost to the visitor and does not increase the cost of a meeting with these ladies, nor are any of these ladies under a contract with Escorts-Argentina and/or Escortsbaires; the escorts only place their advertising here and we check the info and the pictures for your comfort..

  • The stated fees are guidelines only and expressed in US dollars.  It is possible that the fees will vary in different situations if the date has some special request. These fees are obtained directly from the ladies and if you need to, please speak directly with the girl about some reduction or discount, (the site does not and will not intervene in this negotiation).

  • The girls usually offer promotions or specials, especially girls receiving Spanish-speaking visitors or ones not asking for special requests.  Lots of factors are taken into consideration in determining fees and escorts will set fees according to the date's requirements.

  • Nevertheless, we repeat that we at Escortsbaires & Escorts-Argentina do not have any behavioral contract with the escorts nor do we have any say in what the escorts do. This Site is not an Escorts Agency.

  • Keep in mind if the girl does not have an e-mail, the girl is not able to answer your e-mail and is only available by phone. Here is important to know if the girl speaks your language.

  • You can see in any of these sites ( or, in the left frame, a small yellow arrow with the word "summary" with a link to a comparative table where you will see each girl's city of availability and if the girl has a Visa for travels to the USA.  Also, more info is available there.

  • In case you live in the USA, and you want a girl to visit you, it is important to know the nationality of each girl or her availability for travel.  Not all the girls can obtain a visa nor do all the girls have the ability to obtain one.  More info about these points are in the US Embassy in Buenos Aires  web site at

  • This service is provided free of charge to both the visitor and the escort in case either party  needs a translation when the visitor has decided to make an appointment. In this situation, we will need your full name,  your hotel name, hotel address and phone,  date & time of presentation of the girl and the duration of the meeting. Without these points, we can not tell the girl where to meet you, when, how much time the meeting is for, etc. These points are needed to avoid any confusion and are free of charge. Free for you and free for the girl. If you can speak the same language as the selected girl, then you can try to communicate directly with the girl and coordinate the date yourself

  • We have chosen to limit the site to 50 escorts to facilitate viewing. Our selection process for this site attempts to keep in mind the varied tastes of the viewers.

If you have any questions about the above statements of policy, or have any comments about the accuracy of this site please send an e-mail to me Adriana, (webmistress)

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We ARE NOT an Escorts Agency.
All the model girls are independent. &
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